Robin van Persie's wife Bouchra

Robin van Persie is married to Bouchra van Persie. She is of Moroccan/Dutch heritage. They live in London and have 2 children, son Shaqueel and daughter Dina Layla.

The couple work hard to protect their privacy and stay away from the pseudocelebrity, fluff culture of so many Premiership stars.

Their marriage nearly ended in 2005 when Robin was accused of rape by a stripper in Holland. He eventually completely cleared his name and even though he admitted to cheating on his wife, the couple decided to stay together and by all reports available, are very happy together.  


  1. Great player. What a beautiful couple

  2. Met them both today, can honestly say they were both fantanstic & so warm & friendly. Made my day/life meeting RVP!!! Im one happy 40yr old woman!! x